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Buy, Sell, Invest or Lease

 Providing Real Estate Services, Luxury Furnished Corporate Accommodations and Vehicle Rentals Services throughout Georgia. 


Suite Connect offers Real Estate Services, Appraisal Services,  Fully Furnished Corporate Rentals 

and Auto Rental Services. 


Our Real Estate Agents are here to assist you with listing your home for sale, purchasing a new home, increase your property investment portfolio or leasing your next home. 


Our Corporate Housing division provides fully furnished short-term rentals that cater to all vacation, personal and business travelers to provide comfortable and luxurious accommodations for our guests. Temporary furnished rentals with Suite Connect is a great alternative to hotels.


By choosing one of our spacious luxury short-term rentals, you will experience a home away from home by enjoying a comfortable private residence with the option to rent one of our luxury rental vehicles.

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